The Resistance Badge

The Resistance Badge

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resistanceThis is a compulsory badge that must be complete to graduate as a Change Leader.


Deal with one case of resistance in your school.  Work through the process as you did in your role play in Activity 3. Submit a detailed description of how you worked through the resistance meeting including:

  • what the person’s reason for resistance was;
  • how you displayed empathy;
  • what common elements you found;
  • how you concluded your “what’s in it for us?” discussion;
  • what plan of action you agreed on.

Assessment criteria

The Resistance Badge assessment

1 You were able to show respect to each other.
2 You were able to establish the reason for resistance.
3 You showed empathy.
4 The discussion about “what is in it for us?” reached a satisfactory conclusion.
5 You agreed to a plan of action which was acceptable to both of you.

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