The Adaptive Challenge Badge

The Adaptive Challenge Badge

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adaptive_challengeThis is a compulsory badge that must be complete to graduate as a Change Leader.


You must address one adaptive challenge in your school, work through the process from identifying the challenge until the point where you have tried a plan of action and have given feedback to your colleagues. Note that the challenge does not need to have been solved after one round. If it has not been solved, mention how the plan of action has been modified. Submit a detailed description of how you worked through the adaptive challenge, including the completed tables used in this module.

Assessment criteria


The Adaptive Challenge Badge assessment

1 The challenge was not a technical problem  
2 The challenge was clearly defined in a table  
3 The critical elements were identified  
4 An action plan was developed and discussed with colleagues  
5 An action plan was implemented  
6 Feedback was given after the action plan was implemented for a given period of time  

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