What made the difference? Great findings in the Learning Gains for Play project

The Learning Gains through Play (LGP) project focuses on the development of foundational literacies in Grades R and 1 through the innovative use of technology-enabled, learner-centred play in ten schools from the two provinces of KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape.   The purpose of this article is to share the findings of the first evaluations of learner performance one year since the baseline findings and to relate these findings to the factors that could have influenced learning gains.  We consider the extent to which teachers have been engaging learners in the use of technology and whether this ‘dosage’ of exposure has influenced learning outcomes as well as the ultimate aims of the project.  We document the extent of professional development undertaken by teachers in project schools and try to establish whether the dosage that they have received thus far is sufficient to already have had a positive effect on learning gains. Read more on our website here