The Capacity Building Badge 

The Capacity Building Badge 

Topic Progress:

capacityThis is a compulsory badge that must be completed in order to graduate as a Change Leader.


Submit a Capacity Building strategy document (or portfolio of documents) that includes

  1. A table summary of the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders on your staff (refer to Activity 2).
  2. Completed delegation meeting template for 2 staff members.

Assessment criteria

The capacity building document(s)

1 Identify the stakeholders responsible for the key roles in the school technology plan.
2 The supporting stakeholders have been identified.
3 Actual names of staff members and other stakeholders are included if possible.
4 The 2 delegation meeting templates outline clear responsibilities with minimum measurable requirements.
5 The 2 delegation meeting templates outline concrete next steps.
6 The 2 delegation meeting templates indicate a schedule of follow-up meetings.

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