Get your Storytelling Badge

Get your Storytelling Badge

Topic Progress:


Use storytelling as a classroom strategy by creating a slideshow that tells the story about the topic in your classroom. Ask your learners to take a video of you telling the “story”. Take a short video of your learners telling their stories. No longer than 2 minutes.

Assessment criteria

What to do

What to provide

1 You have created a storyboard that will guide your story. A written storyboard or a photo of a written storyboard.
2 You have created a slideshow that tells your story A story slideshow
3 Your slideshow includes at least 2 photos about the slide topic. 2 slides with photos on.
4 You have implemented the storytelling strategy with your learners. A short video of you telling a topical story.A short video of a learner telling a story.

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