Learning Gains through Play Western Cape Weekend Workshop

It was a where and about on the weekend of the 23 October 2015 for the WC LGP project teachers.  They came in numbers at Metro East Education District, to attend the most popular module Scavenger Hunt which is never short of fun and excitement.   Scavenger Hunt teaching strategy is more like a game in which a list defining specific items to be photographed or activities to be performed by teams or individuals is prepared – it is designed with a specific context of learning in mind.  Participant’s concept development is optimized through active, explorative experiences – observation skills are strengthened and 21st century skills enhanced.  Activities developed technology competence where teachers were challenged to use it in innovative ways.  Teachers had first hand experience how scavenger hunt could broaden their learners’ awareness of their surroundings or environment, also deepen their knowledge in a particular learning area. Back from the field, teams present their completed tasks in order to score better points for themselves.  Collaboration is part of the game!  Teachers’ WhatsApp group was buzzing after the workshop – It was a day to be remembered by ALL!

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