Learning Gains through Play Project Western Cape school visits (February 2016)

Learning Gains through Play project team members Janet Thomson, Hlengiwe Mfeka, Tracey Butchart (project evaluator) and Rodney Nissen (WCED) visited two project schools on Wednesday and Thursday from the 3rd – 4th of February 2016. The new principal of Temperance Town Primary, Mrs Zaibaunesa Windvogel welcomed us into her office, and we had a chat about the project and how she is adapting. She indicated that the Grade R teachers were not comfortable with the project visit at the beginning of the year as they were still settling in with their Grade R learners. This helped us to realize that the teachers did not understand the purpose of these visits which were meant to give them support where necessary, not a form of inspection. We then requested a staff meeting during break, to clarify that misunderstanding. The meeting helped to make teachers feel sufficiently at ease so that we were able to visit all the project teachers including Grade R.

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