Teacher Professional Development

Twenty-two Grade 1 and Grade R teachers from the five KZN schools attended our next workshop. Attendees received a Galaxy Tab 3 to assist in their progress throughout the project.


Teachers were rewarded with the right to own their tablets during the course of the project. These tablets were deliberately not loaded with any content, apps or programmes.


This was so that we could guide teachers through the process of installing apps themselves from an SD card that was loaded with hundreds of apps she had specifically prepared for them.   Learner tablets are being pre-loaded before delivery.


Though some of the older, more experienced teachers were a bit apprehensive when exposed to the new technology; the younger teachers had some great enthusiasm for the tablets and demonstrated and shared their expertise with the whole group.


During discussions teachers readily contributed ideas and many clearly demonstrated that they appreciated the subtleties of some of the teaching strategies being explored.


A few teachers were unfamiliar with these methodologies and terminology but many others soon became expert at identifying opportunities for development of the 21st Century skills of Collaboration, Communication, Creativity and Critical Thinking.


Some teachers remarked on the benefits of peer reviewing and were able to foresee how they would transfer this to their classrooms.


In closing, the teachers were privileged to be addressed by Dr Hintsa Mhlane from the KZN Department of Basic Education and left the workshop with a good deal of information overload but confident about being supported – and already discussing the next workshop in September.


These teachers and their principals have committed themselves to devote a considerable amount of their time to the implementation of this three-year programme in their schools.

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