Badge Party – 29 August 2014

A Badge Party was organised to help answer some questions from the teachers involved in the course about the technology and gadgets used.


Being given the responsibility of an android tablet, and even having attended the initial workshop, there was still some concern about submitting the project’s assignments and ultimately using the gadgets in the classroom environment.


The Badge Party did the trick. A fancy dress up theme for the event, and incorporating the help from teachers who understood the technology to help those less proficient with it, made it a fun and effective seminar for all who attended.


teachers were walked through the process of uploading assignments to the website, and encouraged to remember it was more important to apply what had been learnt in the previous workshop and take this whole process slowly, rather than rush to meet the deadline.


This kind of attention to detail was crucial for implementing the new vision and living document for the school, with involvement of all stakeholders. The whole process of ticking the boxes and completing templates was only valuable if it resulted in action and implementation within the school.


Before any assignments could be uploaded to the Learning Gains website, it was necessary to ensure that all teachers had email addresses to identify their own space on the website. Part of the event was to arrange this with the help of those more proficient than others.


Course designer Peter de Lisle had created a functionality on the website to upload assignment material for badge assessment and linked this to the Credly education accreditation app so that badge awards couldl be quickly uploaded to the candidates.


He then took teachers the steps of the process of submitting verification for badges and everyone tried their hand at uploading something. Homework was assigned to attempt another upload before next week’s workshop.


As a finale for the event, a prizegiving was held for those who had accomplished their goals at the seminar and special recognition for those who helped others out in learning the system. The prizes were mini-speakers, a car charger and an SD card, all of which could be used with their tablets.


The teacher who had provided the most support for colleagues

  • Ntokozo Mkhize from Nogqaza.


The first person to tweet

  • Sindy Mwelase from Qhamukile


The most active participant on WhatsApp

  • Nthabi.


The facilitators felt that the principal of Thembelihle Lesley Visser had gone the extra mile to ensure that the workshop was well organised and therefore she was presented with an SD card.


Thanks was also offered to the Thembelihle School, that very generously allowed all teachers to use the school’s Wi-Fi for the duration of the workshop.


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